Aussiedoodle Puppies

Aussiedoodle Babies

Camo / Tux Babies then and now

Tux, Deuce, and the girls make beautiful Aussiedoodle puppies!

Here are some  pictures of some of the babies from previous litters and some of them after they have grown.

They are gorgeous and so much fun!

They are Standard Aussiedoodles so will get big,approx between 50 and 70 pounds. 

These babies are so precious and cute and cuddly,well you get the idea,lol.   

Smiling with her litter of four

Puppies in this picture have been sold.

The Gang at 4 weeks old,what an arm full of LOVE!

5 weeks old and soooo much fun!!!

Their first trip outside!

Shooter at 7 mos. old and his mom Camo. Shooter is our keeper pup from Tux and Camo's litter A. He is a gorgeous boy and is a real love!

Shooter my lovable clown. Everyone falls in love with Shooter =)

"Pistol", Aussiedoodle pup at 1 year old

Our baby boy Shooter.

Jax and Niko at 9 months old. Brothers from Tux/Camo Litter B that were lucky enough to go to the same home =)

Emma is a beautiful girl.

Beautiful Theo

Gracie looking inquisitive! Such a dollbaby!

Misty,she is our little miracle girl that the vet didn't think was worth saving because she was so small. She's a trooper though and now lives the life of a Queen =)

Daddy Tux on the left,Momma Camo on right and their son Shooter at two years old in the middle,lol. My spoiled little stinkers!