Aussiedoodle Puppies

Choosing and Reserving Your Puppy

When choosing a puppy they usually have a few identifying marks that make it easy to tell them apart,each one is unique! However if I have two that look very similar I will place a color coded collar on them so they are easily identified.

Eyes and ears open between 14 and 21 days as a general rule.

All puppy purchases are on a first come first serve basis,with breeder reserving the right to choose pick of litter. A $200.00 "non-refundable" deposit is required to reserve your spot in line for a puppy.Your puppy will not be reserved until payment(such as check) has been cleared.If for some unforeseen problem you can not get your puppy when the time comes to finish payment,I will hold the $200.00 deposit for the next litter born.If you do not purchase a puppy from the next litter you forfeit your $200.00 deposit.Your deposit will go toward the purchase price  ,so by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old I will need the remaining balance due or if you prefer you can pay cash at pick up(cash only).Once you have picked a puppy and I mark it as sold you will not be able to change your mind about which puppy you get.Im sorry to be like this but once a puppy is marked as sold it no longer becomes available to anyone else.

Your puppy will not leave me until they are 8 weeks old.They need the time with their littermates to help them with bite inhibition and socialization. I will be giving them outside time(weather permitting),potty training time,and social time with my other furkids, during the 2 weeks between 6 and 8 weeks old. 

Those that are on the waiting list and have sent their $200.00 non-refundable deposit will be notified first in the order I received your deposit when you may choose your pup online . Puppies receive age appropriate  vaccines and deworming depending on what age they leave me.They will be current and I will send a record of shots and deworming home with your new family member.You will need to follow up with your vet for future vaccines and worm checks.

You have 48 hours after picking up your puppy to have him/her checked out by your vet(at your expense). If for any reason your vet finds that the puppy has genetic health issues (within the first 2 years) Breeder reserves the right to get a second opinion from another vet (breeders vet). If there is a health issue breeder will refund buyers purchase price and puppy will be returned to Breeder. Puppies are guaranteed against genetic health problems for 2 years.

Breeder reserves the right to refuse sale and cancel contract at any time (and return deposit) before the puppy is 8 weeks old.

 At this time we will not be air shipping due to so many variables like: where your puppy will travel will not be climate controlled, Airlines do not guarantee the health of the puppy upon arrival,it is a two to three hour trip one way for us to get to a major airport ect.We have no problem with you flying in and picking up your puppy and traveling back with him or her in an under the seat carrier.You would have to make the arrangements with the airline and rent a car to drive the 2 hours to our farm.