Aussiedoodle Puppies

Does your Aussiedoodle Smile ?!!

It has been called to my attention that some of the Aussiedoodle puppies have inherited the "Aussie smile"(which I love)!

Im thrilled about this and just want every new Aussiedoodle owner to know this is NOT a "snarl" and is NOT a sign of "aggression". It is an actual smile that Australian Shepherds are known for. They can do it when they are happy,excited,in trouble,etc... Basically anytime they think they can make you laugh! Please do not think this is a bad thing because it is a GREAT thing! Below I have posted pics of Camo smiling so you can see what Im talking about. Shooter our boy from our first Camo/Tux litter has also inherited this adorable trait. It is really hard to capture a picture of this smile because it usually does not last long but if any of you that have one of my babies can capture a picture I will post them on the website! I think this trait is ADORABLE!    

Camo smiling at Daddy

Camo smiling pretty hoping to charm Daddy out of his cereal,lol

Shooter with a big ole smile for his daddy! LOL,he is such a clown!

This is Potter with his "Happy" face,lol. He is owned by Ashly and she says he gets this "Happy" face when he rides. Potter is also a Camo/Tux baby =)