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Benton (Diabetic Alert Dog) and his best friend Madison

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We picked up Harper at the end of June 2021 , our experience with both Pam and Dusty was amazing! Any questions we had were welcomed. Any doubt you could have about their love for the puppies they breed will soon be put to rest. We have kept in touch since then and I know we'll send periodic updates for a very long time. Harper has been the most well rounded puppy we've ever had. The fact that these puppies are doggy door trained is a game changer, if you are able to install one. House training her was basically done for us. Within the first hour of bringing her home she was going in and out. As far as her intelligence....WOW. She's basically begging us to teach her stuff. She is so interactive with us,yet will plop right up on your lap for cuddles and a nap if you're on the couch. She gets along great with our other two dogs and any guests that come over. There were a few a few from her litter left for a little bit and I can promise you if three dogs wasn't our max that I would've called Pam and said," can I come get another one? "

Josh and Taryn with "Harper" ( Aussiedoodle) October 7, 2021


We bought Oscar near the beginning of the pandemic. Due to COVID restrictions,we weren't able to see the puppies in person prior to pick up. Pam was more than helpful in putting our minds at ease buying a puppy sight unseen. She sent me videos and spoke with me on the phone several times to ensure we were confident in our purchase of our newest family member! She made the pickup  process seamless and even provided goodies for us to take along with us, like puppy food and a blanket that smelled like puppies mom. Once we were home and settled, Pam was still available for questions and checked in on our Oscar to make sure he was doing well. Her website was also a great resource when preparing for our very first dog.  10/10 recommend Doodlesgalore! I cannot say enough good things about Pam and her doodle family 🙂

Brooke with "Oscar" ( Aussiedoodle)  April 20, 2021


He's doing great! Has only peed in the house once and hasn't cried at night one time. I named him Kobe. Kobe has been great. Best dog I've ever owned by far!! Thank you so much for making it possible.

Kevin with "Kobe" (Aussiedoodle) December 9th,2020


We are so happy with our Aussiedoodle, "Charlie". I am so glad to have found Pam. Adopting from her was such a great experience. I could tell from the very first contact that she cares about all her dogs and puppies and wants to be sure they are going to a good home. She was great about answering all my questions and sent us pictures every week. We picked up our boy in October and he has been such a great puppy, she had already started potty training and socializing him. You could tell she had spent alot of time working with him. I could not have asked for a better experience or a better puppy.

Robbie and family with Charlie (Aussiedoodle) December 11, 2020


Pam breeds the best dogs ever! Our Ozzie has an amazing personality , is brilliant and extremely well behaved. Pam works very hard with her litters, so when so when you get them they can use the doggie door and they understand basic commands. She also gives them a lot of love so their personalities and temperament are wonderful when you take them home. Those first few weeks are so informative, and she really makes the most of that time, so you get an incredible, happy and well socialized puppy. She communicated regularly with us and kept us updated on our puppy and was happy to continue to communicate with us after we picked up our new family member. We cannot stress how important a quality breeder is and how the right person sets you up for a great life with your dog. It really makes such a difference. We will always travel to Kentucky to get our dogs from Pam. Her litters are cream of the crop!

Joe and Liz  (Texas) with Ozzie (Aussiedoodle) December 2, 2020


When our family decided to welcome a new furkid to our pack I was a bit concerned because four yrs ago we met a wonderful breeder and welcomed a Giant Shnoodle (Giant Schnauzer/Poodle) Sammy into our family. My concern was that I would not be able to find another breeder that would measure up...I was wrong! I was recommended to Doodlesgalore and Pam thru a coworker. From my first phone call with Pam I knew I was once again talking to an awesome breeder. We waited for our puppy to be born and then another 8 weeks, during that time Pam sent me photos regularly. Stella has been home almost 2 weeks and has done wonderfully. Awesome check up with my vet. She is a very happy and stress free puppy. Housebreaking has not been an issue. We could not be more pleased with our new furkid.

Thank you Pam, Dusty, and Doodlesgalore.

Fred and Family with Stella (Aussiedoodle) November 10th, 2020


We purchased our F1b Aussiedoodle from Pam 2 months ago and our only regret is that we  didn't do it sooner!!! Pam and Dusty are not only amazing, caring people,they take their jobs as breeders seriously. Prior to picking up our puppy, Pam took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. We had many phone conversations and I greatly appreciated her time and advice. We learned a lot in the first few weeks  of having our sweet baby girl at home. The most important thing we realized is that everything Pam did to work with these puppies during the first eight weeks of life has resulted in a well adjusted,calm, relaxed fluff ball of love. We are so happy it's unreal. Our Aussiedoodle, Nancy, is sweet, ornery, and smart. Over the past two months, she has developed quite a personality. She's so adorable and loves to be around her humans at all times. She gives lots of kisses and snuggles. She has learned to sit , to say "please", and we are working on walking on a leash. She's also becoming a great fetch dog. She brings us so much joy and is the center of our world !!! Thanks for everything, Pam !!!

Love, Zack,Ali,Reagan,Charlotte and Nancy Drew

(Aussiedoodle) July 8th, 2020


We are so grateful that we found Pam and Dusty and their Aussiedoodle puppies. We had lost our beloved Aussiedoodle we had for 9 years and knew it was the perfect breed for our family. We drove from Northern Illinois to pick up our baby, Milo, and are so glad we did ! He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is just so adorable!  Thanks Pam and Dusty.

Tonya and family with Milo (Aussiedoodle) June 14th,2020


My family has a 7 lb Multipoo who's 12 years old and she is the only pet we ever owned. We decided we would like a larger dog but wanted one that would be hypoallergenic & smart. After researching we decided that an Aussiedoodle would be a perfect fit for our family. Having a puppy is a big responsibility and a long term commitment so we were very concerned about finding a honest breeder. We searched for an Aussiedoodle and traveling distance was not an issue, we just wanted to be sure that it was 100% legit and was not a puppy mill. I stumbled on a website, DOODLESGALORE! I contacted Pam who was a super knowledgeable breeder and happened to have 1 male and 1 female Aussiedoodle left out of a litter of 10 puppies that would be available in 3 weeks for pick up. The puppy was a high school graduation gift for my 17 year old daughter so it was perfect timing. PAM was great in explaining the temperament and tendencies of the Aussiedoodle breed. The more I talked to Pam I felt very comfortable and knew that I could not find a better person to have to add my new edition to my family. We got the female and we call her CHARLIE and she is exceptionally smart and has been very easy to train. Pam and I have stayed in touch and Pam is still helping me when I have questions and has gone above and beyond what I would expect from a breeder. She enjoys updates about Charlie and makes helpful suggestions about training and other issues. She also is interested to know what the veterinarian says after Charlie's visits. If anyone is curious, the truth of the matter is that being a member of the DOODLESGALORE family is an amazing thing and you will know that you have a puppy who's healthy and well trained. Thanks Pam , my family is proud to be members of the DOODLESGALORE FAMILY !!!

David, Trina, and  Abbie with Charlie (Aussiedoodle) June 9th, 2020


I can't say enough good things about our experience with purchasing Lucy from Doodlesgalore! We were "newbies" ! Pam was so good at keeping us informed and providing great information on what to expect and how to deal with situations. Most importantly, my son was highly allergic and we were    sooo worried it would not work out. Pam was excellent in encouraging us! We love Lucy and everything is great! Everything that Pam prepared us for has come true! We trust her and will continue to lean on her! Lucy is sooo smart and adorable!

Kevin and family with Lucy (Aussiedoodle) June 3rd, 2020


This is Pam speaking, to just let you know this testimonial comes from one of my puppies that went to Madison to become her "Diabetic Alert Dog". Madison has been training him herself and has been vigilant with him and for a year old pup he is already bringing her insulin to her when she asks him to and he goes to college with her and lives in the dorm through the week. They go home to her parents farm on the weekends where Benton is allowed to interact with all the animals on the farm and just take a temporary break from his working life as her Diabetic Alert Dog! We are very proud of them both!

Hi! Things are going well, Benton's a very very smart dog and knows a load of tricks and tasks by now (1yr old).  He is still VERY obsessed with me and hates if he's not right next to me at all times.  He's an amazing farm dog and takes big pride in watching over his animals. He still goes as many places as possible with me and is almost calmer in public than at home lol. I would 110% recommend your Aussiedoodles for anything therapy and service for a number of reasons. (1) this breed I feel latches to people and will devote themselves whole heartedly to their person. (2) they are so eager to learn and please. Benton will do anything for a ball and his favorite treats or even just a little love. (3) anytime I'm crying, or shaking or feeling down I swear he senses it. He knows when I need a kiss or snuggles. I will always own this breed for the rest of my life!

Madison with Benton (Aussiedoodle) May 30th, 2020


I am so beyond thankful that I found Pam from Doodlesgalore! Getting my baby Levi was the best experience! She kept us updated every week on how he was doing! Any questions I had she would have an answer for! Pam truly cares for her dogs and where her puppies are going, and you don't find that very often! It just makes you feel good knowing they are coming from a loving home! When we brought Levi home it was such an easy process (she sent us home with so many goodies and information) and oh my he is the smartest little guy! He has the best personality and is beyond silly! I would recommend Doodlesgalore to anyone! I only had to drive 2 hours but i would drive 24hrs if I needed to! I can't say enough good things! Thank you for completing our family!

Amanda and family with Levi, May 27th, 2020


We are so happy we found Doodlesgalore! The experience was wonderful. Great communication and pictures and videos while our baby grew. We came home with lots of information and everything you need to start off right. And of course our Aussiedoodle is amazing! She's so sweet, very smart, and beautiful. Thank you so much Pam of Doodlesgalore for our sweet baby!

Kristy and family with Boujee, May 26th, 2020 (Aussiedoodle)


Overall good experience. Pam sent us pics and videos each week so we got  to watch Harley as she grew. Very good communication from Pam to answer all our questions. Harley is in great health and very smart. Well worth the 4 1/2 hour drive to pick her up. We recommend this breeder to anyone. Thank you Pam.

Steve and Judi with Harley, May 26th, 2020 (Aussiedoodle)


  We searched for months looking for the perfect puppy to complete our home. Pam and Dusty immediately made us feel comfortable in making our decision. Not only did she answer all my questions but had questions for me (I knew then that she loved her puppies). Our Aussiedoodle Tatum is a smart, sassy, beautiful girl. Through out the process we received pictures and we were updated. I would recommend Pam and Dusty to anyone looking for their new furbaby. Her personality is one in a million. So smart. She sits and gives paw already. Very little accidents inside. Just a great Puppy.

Brad, Bonnie, and Kelsie with Tatum , May 24th, 2020 (Aussiedoodle)


 Working with Pam has been an awesome experience. She answered all our quesions and kept us up to date with pictures and videos. With her help and guidance we received a very sweet and very smart puppy. Liam (Aussiedoodle) has transitioned well into our home and within 3 days is ringing the bell to go potty  and sitting on command. Thank you for all your help and for making our family complete!

Shannon and  Susanne with Liam  May 18th, 2020 (Aussiedoodle)


Working with Pam and Dusty was wonderful in our search for a new Goldendoodle. Pam responded to all of our questions very professionally and promptly. When we visited them in Benton, Ky you could tell that Pam was a top-notch breeder. She knows her furbabies and cares for them as if they were her children. She was very helpful in our puppy selection process sending pictures of the litter to us showing how they were growing and the coloring of each of the puppies in the litter. When we visited Pam on the puppies 4th week birthday to finalize our choice, she showed us the puppies and also introduced us to the puppy’s parents. It was obvious the animals were very healthy and were very well cared for. Even after we chose a male chocolate colored Goldendoodle (Ozzie) she continued to share pictures with us. We researched several local breeders and none compared to Pam and her Doodlesgalore. Thanks so much for a wonderful puppy search and purchase experience.  And thanks for welcoming us into the Doodlesgalore family.

Rick and Velma  11/23/19  P.S. Oh yes, Ozzie (Goldendoodle) says two thumbs up!!!!! 


Pam,our newest addition to the family has brought so much happiness. He is so beautiful, smart, playful, and loving. We are so happy to have him in our home and want to thank Doodlesgalore for such an easy and fun experience picking out our pup!

Daniel, Tiffany, & Phoenix (Goldendoodle)


We drove 6 1/2 hours one way to purchase a puppy from Pam. When we got there all of the puppies were happy and healthy. We got to meet the puppies' parents and see their temperaments. They were great dogs. We ended up buying 2 instead of just 1 . Did she have the cheapest prices? No. Was she the closest breeder to me? No . Was she worth the extra drive and cost? YES! As a former AKC handler and breeder I can say with confidence that Pam is doing it right. I have seen very good and very bad breeders. Pam is definitely top tier. She asked me as many questions as I asked her before we even talked about coming to see the puppies. These puppies were 11 weeks old when we brought them home. They already knew to potty outside. It only took 2 nights to get them to quiet down in their crates overnight. No more crying or whining at all. 3 weeks later we still have an occasional accident in the house (mostly when we get busy and lose track of time, not their fault). The Vet was impressed at the calm nature of the pups. I would recommend Pam to anyone looking for a puppy. Feel free to call or text me if you want a person to person testimonial about this Breeder.

Melissa (606-571-2487) with Bryce and Bryn (Aussiedoodles)


Hi Pam! Maggie is doing just great! We're getting ready to start puppy training classes with her. She's so smart-she already knows sit, come, no (when she's not supposed to come out the door), walking on a leash. We're working on "leave it".

Jeff & Cindy with Maggie (Aussiedoodle)


My wife and I were looking to get a puppy for our son when I came across Pam at Doodlesgalore. From the first time I spoke with Pam she was very informative about Aussiedoodles. Once we decided to get Harley she kept us informed of her growth, personality and temperament until it was time to pick her up. All of the info she provided us was spot on with Harley and we could not be more pleased to have Harley as part of the family. I would highly recommend Pam and Dusty for your new family member.

Gregg, Tracie, Gregory, Abbie and most of all Harley…. (Aussiedoodle)


Our Aussiedoodle Barley, is absolutely the sweetest smartest and best tempered dog I have ever been around. Our family and friends ADORE him. This was our family's first Aussiedoodle and I will never have another breed and would never buy from another breeder. I can't say enough about Pam and Dusty. They are loving breeders who truly love and treat their puppies like children. I still send Pam pictures of our boy and she thoroughly enjoys the updates.

Eric and Family with Barley (Aussiedoodle)


I got two Aussiedoodles from Doodlesgalore , and I have friends and family who have as well.

We make the drive from North Carolina and it's worth it! Pam has provided me with guidance on topics from vet care to training tips. She cares about her pups and her clients and loves to stay in touch. That says a lot. To say these dogs filled my home with love would be an understatement.

And for that, I am forever grateful to Doodlesgalore!

Jon with Milo & Riggs (Aussiedoodles)


We traveled from Baltimore this week to pick up our beautiful puppy Jake. It was such a wonderful experience right from the beginning. We were sent pictures as soon as the puppies were delivered. Once we picked our puppy, we were sent pictures all the time of our new baby. It was a 13 hour drive just one way , but it was worth it. Pam and Dusty made us feel so at home when we met them. Pam sent home a wonderful bag of goodies for the ride home for our puppy Jake.

Took Jake to the vets and was told he was perfect. Thank you Pam for all the love and care you have given the puppies . I just can't say enough about this wonderful experience.

Denise & Phil with Jake (Aussiedoodle)


We traveled from NJ to get our two aussiedoodle pups from Pam, and couldn't have had a better experience! They've been in our home a week today, and have transitioned so smoothly. Duke and Darla are AMAZING with our four kids...the perfect blend of playful and fun, yet affectionate and cuddly. They are learning new things so quickly like ringing the bell to go out, walking up and down the steps, and they are already know the way home when going on walks in the neighborhood. These dogs are really so smart! We had friends of the kids over this week and they were so well behaved. They are curious and love to be petted by new people and give kisses, but never once did they invade any of the little kiddos personal space by jumping up and scaring them. They remained calm and sweet even with a 8 month old baby and a child with autism. While we are so blessed and thrilled to have them as part of our family, I truly believe it's because of Pam and the excellent start they got off to. As soon as I contacted Pam with interest, she was so incredibly helpful answering tons of questions and giving tips to prep us in this transition. She sent us pictures each week so we could see their growth and cute little faces, and helped our two pups acclimate to one another at a young age. She's a top notch breeder and truly LOVES these puppies and cares about their well being for the long run! 

 Love & Blessings,

Renee with Duke and Darla (Aussiedoodles)


We absolutely adore her and love having her as a family member. She's really been a great addition to the famiy. She loves our neighborhood walks in the evenings and Madison loves having a little sister.

Wes with Panda (Aussiedoodle)


Pam, I brought Cocoa home five days ago now, and what a joy she is. She is such a sweet little girl. Pam you did a great job with her for the first 14 weeks, and thank you. She is doing great with potty training and going outside, along with basic commands. I just had her at the groomer, and was told she was a perfect little girl. Once again Thank You!

Scott with Cocoa (Aussiedoodle)


We brought Beckett home with us a month ago and we love him so much! He has the sweetest and funniest personality, we could just sit and watch him all day! He LOVES being outside and playing with all of his toys & his fursister! He became a part of our family the first day we brought him home, he is just perfect & smart. He is learning commands very quickly. Thank you Pam & Dusty for allowing Beckett to be a part of our family.

Brandon & Rheanda (Goldendoodle)


Pam,your little girl is a keeper and so smart and good. No issues all night. She has mastered the 4 steps to our mudroom quickly. Learning leash commands easily. She is so smart! What a blessing she is. Thank You! Girls are good with her and she knows when to back off. A true joy to have around! We both love her so much already. She is lying at my feet sleeping. Love it! Just what I wanted and needed. (update 2 days later) : She's ringing the bell by mud room like a pro! She also rings it when she can't find me and when Blondie lays by door wanting to go out. LOL She's my precious baby. So smart! Been sleeping in crate all nite,no issues till we get up about 6:30 or 6:45 am. Love her so much! Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our family.

Linda with Bella Pearl (Goldendoodle)


After searching for several months to find a mate for our Labradoodle, I came across the Doodlesgalore website. First of all, a good dog starts with a great breeder. I spoke with Pam several times via text and email and became confident that it was the right place to purchase our second doodle.  We couldn’t be happier with the  owner and most importantly, the Aussiedoodle puppy!  He acclimated well to his new surroundings and fur brother, and is such an affectionate beautiful dog.  He is already at 9 weeks, ringing the bells to go outside, has adjusted well to crate training, and the tricks we teach, like sit, wait, down and leave it!  Although it was a long drive, 17 hours round trip, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

The Opfermann Family with Hudson (Aussiedoodle)


Just wanted to give you an update on Hank. He is doing amazing!!! He already knows sit and has had one accident in the house which wasn't his fault. He has done amazing in his crate. We are in love with him!!! Thank you again!

Jennifer with Hank (Aussiedoodle)


She's doing great. Getting better with the crate. Working on perfecting "sit" added "down" "stay" and has been walking on the leash.She loves loves outside. She's never ready to come in.

Farrah with Laken (Aussiedoodle)


He is very much a Velcro dog! He is inquisitive. We are having a great time. He is a great dog!

Dave with Niko (Aussiedoodle)


You did an amazing job potty training and we are so pleased at how early she is responding to transitioning to potty training here in her new home .

Marie with Mattie (Aussiedoodle)


I am so grateful for such a beautiful, healthy, happy puppy.  Pam and Dusty Keith are so careful to insure that this is your experience.  All medical needs are met. The puppies are imprinted and well socialized, but most important,they are loved... and it shows ! Thanks to both of you for  a perfect little creature.

Jill with Millie (Aussiedoodle)


As a person who struggles with mental illness, Doc is an amazing companion. He is always right by my side. Whenever Im having a rough day with PTSD or just a rough day in general, he always comes and lays his head on my lap or will come in for a hug. He loves Hugs! He has to get a hug from every visitor before being satisfied enough to come sit by my feet , or on an AC vent lol. Life with Doc has helped me to become more active and caring for him makes me feel better on my bad days. I can always count on him to be there for me, and its a great feeling to know that he loves  me unconditionally and needs me as well!

Brittany with Doc (Aussiedoodle)


Our 16 year old daughter discovered Pam's website last year(2016). We loved all of the furbaby pictures, read all of the testimonials, tips and anecdotes and began the journey that led us to our Sadie. We waited 6 months for our sweet girl, we wanted a Camo and Tux baby, and drove 20 hrs round trip to bring her home. She is so precious...happy, healthy and full of life. We are so thankful that she had such a great start in life...much love and care.  Thanks Pam and Dusty... we love our girl!!!

 Joette & family with Sadie (Aussiedoodle)


Hi Pam, I want to thank you. My Blue Merle, blue eyed, furbaby is everything I have ever wanted in a dog.  Sloan's personality has really started to show and gosh is she silly  (see sleeping picture below). She is well mannered,incredibly intelligent, and loves the water! I'm not sure I could have created a better match for myself. I have had her for two weeks now. I am bell training her to go potty, and she's doing great with it! In the short time I have had her she knows how to sit, lay down, sit pretty, crawl, and heel! We go for a walk every morning and since day one I have not had an issue with her on the leash. If the shower is running, she hops on in  (needless to say bath time is easy). I can’t wait for the weather to warm up to see how she likes the lake! She sits when people approach her and is calm. Taking her on walks has been a different experience for me. She is so stinking' cute that we get stopped about every 10 feet. She definitely loves the attention.  I can't thank you enough for my baby. She has taken up a spot in my heart that I didn't even know was there. She is the first dog I have ever had,and I can't imagine it going any smoother. 

Danica with Sloan (Aussiedoodle)


Hi Pam,I just wanted to share my thoughts with you about Max.

Max has been a wonderful  puppy and has become a perfect addition to our family. We can really tell that he was raised in a loving home as a puppy. He was such a good boy on the car ride home, then he has made fast friends with our Goldendoodle Sparty. They are great friends already. Housebreaking is going great as well. He has such a wonderful sweet disposition. He is so laid back and just the sweetest thing ever. We take him in the car and on walks and he is very social. Thank you again for making this such a great experience. I can really tell that you care about your puppies and the families that take your puppies home as well. 

Thank you! Michelle and Scott and family with Max (Aussiedoodle)


We are fortunate enough to live 45 minutes from Pam and Dusty. We got to go pick our puppy  out at 4 weeks. We were undecided which puppy to get before we went. We walked in and our girl Piper walks over to our youngest son and immediately takes to him. We knew she was the one. My family got to see all the puppies and play with them.  We could have stayed forever they are so cute! We also got to meet the mother and father. These dogs are taken care of and loved. You can just tell. After I picked out Piper I got pictures of her weekly. That was nice when we were all excited about getting her. When we go to pick up Piper it was wonderful.  Pam and Dusty are so good to work with. Piper has had all her shots to date. Pam had already been working on her name with her. They answered any questions I had. Pam sent home food, toys, records, leash,collar, and a blanket with moms scent. Piper rode home on my shoulders the whole way. It was precious. We got a wonderful puppy.  She was used to being loved and handled before we brought her home. She loves to cuddle and play outside.  She is also wonderful with my boys.

Alana , Mark,& family with Piper  (Goldendoodle)


Pam & Dusty,

It was a pleasure working with you. We have had Smokey 5 days and he has been great!The transition has almost  been flawless.  There have been very few accidents and he is sleeping through the night thanks to all your hard work the first 8 weeks.So far, he has been the easiest puppy we have had! It was well worth the drive.  We highly recommend Doodlesgalore!

Bill & Jen with Smokey (Goldendoodle)


Our boys were asking for a puppy. We decided they were old enough to help care for a dog so we started looking.  My husband came across DoodlesGalore online. He showed me a picture of our Amos at 2 weeks old and that was that! He was and still is absolutely precious! We didn't even know Aussiedoodles were a thing, but we are so glad they are.  Pam kept us up to date with pictures and information while we waited for Amos to be ready to come home. We made the 9 hour round trip to the farm and we were even more impressed by Pam than we already were.  We also got to meet Tux and Camo! Amos is so funny and smart and has adjusted very well to life with four older  (human) brothers. Our 17 month old and Amos have become partners in crime....oh,the stuff they get into together! Our Vet has told us a couple of times how Healthy and well cared for Amos has been. House training has also gone very well.  As a matter of fact we are already talking about when we will get our next puppy from Pam!

Brooke & family with Amos (Aussiedoodle)


I cannot say enough good things about Pam and our experience leading up to getting our Aussiedoodle puppy, Raleigh. Pam worked together with my husband to surprise me with Raleigh for Christmas. While we waited to bring Raleigh home I received pictures of her weekly! It made the waiting period much easier. It was so fun to watch her grow. We drove 5 hours to pick up our pup. Pam and her husband were so welcoming.It was immediately obvious their dogs are well taken care of and part of their family. They provided us with a bag full of goodies to make our ride home a little easier. Raleigh slept the whole way home. She has transitioned very well. She is socialized and eager to please. Raleigh is a healthy,super smart,growing puppy. I've quickly become best friends with my little nugget. I would recommend Pam and her adorable puppies to anyone!

Courtney & Kyle with Raleigh (Aussiedoodle)


What can I say, Bella Vanilla, puppy #5, the Aussiedoodle from Willow/Tux is just so much fun and so perfect! The whole puppy purchasing experience with Pam was great. Bella is a happy well adjusted puppy. She is very intelligent and so easy to love. Potty training is going well, sleeping through the night was never a problem, and her eyes melt your heart. So if you are contemplating a puppy purchase, I would highly recommend Doodles Galore even if it is a six hour round trip to pick up it is worth every mile.

Jane with Bella (Aussiedoodle)


The vet appointment went fine. Everything looks good!

Reggie has adjusted well,and gets along great with our other dogs.

He's a real buddy,and has a great personality!

Kevin with Reggie (Aussiedoodle)


We drove the 4 hour roundtrip drive on a Wednesday evening in September to DoodlesGalore and to select our future fur baby! What a joy to meet Pam and Dusty and to get to meet the parents and puppies as well! They welcomed us easily and sat and talked with us for a while; all the time allowing us to ask questions and play with the puppies. We were impressed with Pam and how she questioned us on the care of the puppy and ensuring we would have time for training once we selected a puppy. My husband selected the male we wanted that day (the puppies were 5 weeks old). I was shocked at first to learn that we wouldn't be able to pick him up until he was 8 weeks old. Now, I am so happy that Pam does that! Just in the 3 weeks she had- she began the potty training and began teaching him his new name(Bentley). We decided on that name after we visited,based on where he was coming from... I didn't want to name him Benton,but we both thought Bentley was pretty cool. We have high praise for Pam and her doodles and we recommend visiting the website often to see what is coming next! We are now a part of the DoodlesGalore family! Bentley is adjusting great and trying to get his big sister Macy to play with him!

Tracy & Brandon with Bentley  (Aussiedoodle)


We took home Bodhi, Willow and Tux's baby boy #2. The entire experience was amazing!!! Pam kept me up to date every week!!! I enjoyed pictures of Willow pregnant, during the labor, and the birth!!! Then we received pictures weekly as Bodhi grew older. It may have been the longest 8 weeks ever, but Pam made it easier with her updates! Then my favorite part was picking Bodhi up and finally meeting Pam and Dusty at their home! You can tell they love each puppy as their own! My kids loved seeing the horses and meeting the other dogs and puppies! I am so thankful for this experience and now having Bodhi home with us! Bodhi fits perfectly with our family and his temperament is perfect! So many people have stopped us and told us how Handsome Bodhi is!!!

Thank you Pam and Dusty for the perfect addition to our family! We, for sure, will keep in touch with Pam and Dusty! 

 Forever Friends,

 Morgan and Family with Bodhi (Aussiedoodle)


In March, we decided to purchase our 2nd Doodlesgalore puppy!  We bought Coco 2 years ago and loved her so much that we had to have another one.  We drove from Cincinnati, which is about 5 hours each way as well, but was completely worth it for these awesome dogs!  My husband never really wanted a dog, so the fact that we now have 2 dogs is proof of how awesome Pam is.  Mac and Coco get along wonderfully and they were both very easy to train.  They both ring bells to go to the bathroom and learned that very quickly.  Pam was wonderful through both purchases and sent pictures frequently, plus they were healthy when we took them to the vet.  We also send her pictures as well now and she always responds.  You can tell how much she cares about her dogs.  The dogs are also great with my kids!  They talk about how much they love them all of the time.               Doodlesgalore is awesome and we highly recommend purchasing a puppy from them!

Todd and Cathy with Mac (Goldendoodle)


We just recently picked up our Goldendoodle puppy from Doodlesgalore and we definitely give them two paws up!!!  Our puppy is adorable and most importantly very healthy!  Pam is so kind and compassionate!  She loves each and everyone of those puppies and is sad to see them go.  We live 6 hours away and didn't get to meet the puppy until we picked her up, but Pam was very happy to send pictures anytime I asked and updated us on Stella's progress. We are happy to be new members of the Doodles Galore  extended family. Thanks so much Pam for taking such good care of Stella until we could bring her home!

Kim & Family with Stella (Goldendoodle)


Pam, Piper was great on the ride home, she laid in the back seat with Pat and slept most of the time. She loves the back yard and runs a lot and explores. She sleeps the whole night in her crate and doesn't whine a bit. She seems to be adjusting just fine. We are just thrilled with her and love her very much. Thanks for the great job you did with her. We will stay in touch.

Update: Piper is doing great. She went to the Vet this past week to get her shots. She weights 18 pounds and is in great shape. She was very good and they trimmed her nails and she didn't even move. She is sleeping all night in her crate and is very good about going in there, when it's time to go to bed. She has only had a couple of accidents in the house. She is ringing the bells that we have on the door. All of the neighbors love her. She is very social and loving. We couldn't be any happier with her. You did an amazing job with her and I'm sure with all the puppies.

Dennis & Pat with Piper  (Aussiedoodle)


Thanks to Pam & Dusty, March 11th 2016 has forever changed my life! Potter has filled an emptiness in my heart I didn't even realize was there. Pam has an obvious love for what she does- as it shines through in her personality as well in her puppies. Potter instantly stole my heart! If I had to redo my puppy process all over again I would most definitely still choose Pam and DoodlesGalore all over again. If you are reading this you must be pondering choosing a puppy from DoodlesGalore-you will not regret it! Pam and Dusty are genuine people with a true love for what they do. Pam has been such a help from the moment I contacted her. From picking out Potter to bringing him home it has been such a blessing working with Pam. Make the choice today & become part of the DoodleGalore family :) 


Ashly with Potter (Aussiedoodle) 


Puppy number 7 or as we call her,  "Phoebe" from Nuggets 2016 litter was added to our family March 20th. We were lucky enough to get first pick of the litter to reserve our beautiful girl. Pam was very easy to reach and always willing to answer any questions we had when prepping for our first puppy. The whole process was very easy to navigate through from the contact, payment, breeder contact, and pick up. Pam literally thinks of everything and makes it really convenient and stress free. Phoebe's temperament really speaks to the breeding and handling of her during her first 8 weeks. She is gentle with our small kids and has warmed up to us already. Health wise she had her first Vet visit and no issues were found. We really felt like we were adding a family member to our home that came from an equally as loving home. Thank you guys so much for Phoebe she really has been a joy so far!
The Layne Family with Phoebe  (Goldendoodle) ===================================================================================

I want to thank you and Dusty for the excellent care that you gave Lacy.  She is perfect in every way...healthy, socialized, smart, happy and beautiful. It is apparent that you guys love your creatures and go that extra mile. You are the best!
Thank you so much!
Jill with Lacy(Aussiedoodle)


We brought home our aussiedoodle, Murphy, in March 2016.  She is the sweetest and smartest puppy!  Our whole family is smitten.  She was very quick to leash train and loves to be around people.  Pam and Dusty were so welcoming and easy to work with.  They are quick to respond with any questions  and are very helpful and knowledgeable. It is evident that their fur kids are well cared for and truly loved!  I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to add a doodle to their family!

Alisha and Jeff with Murphy (Aussiedoodle) 


Thank you all so much for Walter. He is so much fun and is social as can be, happy and content with anyone he has met. Also, one of the smartest 8 week old puppies I've met. Already potty trained and it's only day 5 in my home (thanks Pam and Dusty for doing all the hard work). In addition to the puppy, Pam and Dusty may be some of the nicest people I've ever met. Their home is made for their dogs with sheltered puppy runs, and a grooming room. I know Pam and Dusty can be far from many people looking for a puppy but I drove 9 hours on a Sunday and couldn't be happier with my decision.
Brian with Wally (Goldendoodle)


Thank you Pam and Dusty for breeding such a wonderful dog for our family!   Lola is spunky, loyal, smart and sweet!   She is only 4 months old and has been ringing the bell on our door to "go potty" for several weeks now.   She loves our entire family but follows me everywhere I go so I am happy to say she is a Momma's girl! I was amazed at how easy she was to leash train.   She loves to exercise with me and the occasional squirrel chase!!  Thanks again for breeding such a perfect pet who has stolen my heart!

Jill with Lola (Aussiedoodle)


Pam and Dusty,

First, thank you for your professionalism and great care you take with all your puppies.     We could tell that you were honest, experienced breeders by your website, your communication and meeting you in person and that is why we chose to drive over 3 hours to get Chase. You communicated with me multiple times answering questions, sending pictures of our puppy and giving us tips on what to expect. Your care package was another indicator of going the extra mile and truly caring that your puppies go to a good home and I thank you for that.As for Chase, he is the most loving well behaved puppy I have ever been around. In just one week, he is sitting and laying down on command and we are in the process of stay and come, which he is almost mastered as well. He is using his bell to go out and as we have had a couple of accidents were I didn’t hear the bell and didn’t let him out in time, but for the most part he has that whipped too. He is such a huge addition to our family and we already can’t imagine him not being part of our family. Thank you again for the experience of helping us choose him and continue to help with questions even today. If we ever hear of anyone who is looking for a quality companion (not just a dog), we will defiantly refer them to you. Chase says “hi” as well and we wish you all the luck. Thank you again for our wonderful furry kid.

Kevin & Dana with Chase (Goldendoodle)


Adding a new furry family member was a HUGE decision for me!! I did a tremendous amount of research before deciding that an Aussiedoodle was a perfect match for me...Then I began my journey to find the breeder that was a match for my high standards...This took three years...Without a doubt,Pam met my strict criteria: "Sound" (both mentally and physically)sire and dam,a solid socialization routine-including a lot of real-life situations,sounds and stimulation,and to insure that the pups are raised from birth in a clean,healthy,loving indoor environment...After assaulting her with my bazillion questions **smile**,I knew that I had finally found someone who was genuinely committed to the lifelong well-being of the puppies that she raised...I live in California,and purchasing a puppy from Pam,meant that I was going to have to fly to pick up the puppy and fly back with the pup...But I was IN!! Pam and I sent nearly daily emails or texts' starting long before my sweet Cooper was born..She calmed all my fears associated with "buying a puppy over the internet"...Once Cooper was born,she sent me pictures consistently,and gave me updates on all his milestones...When Cooper turned 8 weeks,I arrived to meet Cooper,Pam,and her wonderful husband,Dusty...I was welcomed to their home,treated as a family member,and had the pleasure of meeting all their pack...What an incredible experience!! The puppies were even more adorable in person than in the pictures,and the environment that they were living in was exactly everything that I had hoped for!!... Trust me, if you are looking for a furry family member,and are committed to provide a lifetime of love and devotion to your pup, Pam is the breeder for you!!

Deena with Cooper  (Aussiedoodle)


We have totally enjoyed our little Stevie Grace. Felt like we were taking her away from her family when we left but she soon fit right into our little family. She is so lovable and quickly attached to us and her "big sis" Faith ( our two year old black lab). Thanks to Pam & Dusty for teaching her what no means and her name. You guys are amazing! It was so obvious you love all your "fur" babies.

Rest assured she has wiggled her way into our hearts too.

 Tammy & Tom with Stevie (Aussiedoodle)


I picked up Penny on Saturday, August 29th, 2015. My dad, grandpa, and I drove 15 hours round trip to get her. Pam and Dusty are amazing! There is no doubt that Penny was cared for remarkably. They welcomed us and answered all of my MANY questions. Pam has been there for me from the beginning answering questions and keeping me updated. I feel comfortable knowing she will be there for me whenever I need her. On the way home, Penny was not shy at all, she loved looking out the windows. When Penny went to the vet, everyone there was impressed by her. She sat on the table and let the vet trim her nails so calmly. Everyone asks what kind of dog she is and says how adorable she is! She is so laid back. My mom was impressed by how calm she is. She sleeps in the crate and I get up once during the night to let her out. My nieces and nephew love her and she is great with them! I can’t get over how smart she is! She knows to let me know when she needs to go out and go potty. Our personalities fit perfectly and at times I feel like she knows exactly what I want her to do. Words cannot express how happy I am to have gotten Penny. I will definitely recommend Pam and Dusty to anyone looking to get an Aussiedoodle or Goldendoodle. I am so happy to be a part of the extended Doodlesgalore Family =)

Kelli with Penny  (Aussiedoodle)


 On Wednesday the 26th, 2015 we drove around 4 hours to go pick up our little Maggie and to meet Pam and Dusty!  From the moment we stepped out of our car, we were treated like we were part of their family, felt like we had known them forever!

They were so kind to us, they brought us our beautiful little Maggie and we set

and visited with them on the front porch for a while.  We got to meet Camo and Tux (Maggie's parents) and they were beautiful and healthy.  We got to meet some of their other fur babies and they showered Dusty and Pam in love and puppy kisses, Maggie was no exception, she was giving them puppy kisses and saying her goodbyes, the only way she knew how.  We started home and Maggie road the whole way in my arms or on David's shoulder, we had no puppy accidents or car sickness.  When we arrived home, Maggie fell in love with our daughter (age 20), and David and I were old news.  LOL !  We took Maggie to the vet, the next day, to be checked out, and our vet was quiet impressed with Dusty and Pam!  He said, and I quote, You all found some wonderful breeders, Maggie checks out great and looks great!  He also said, this is not always the case.  Our little Maggie was so laid back, that she slept almost through the whole vet exam! She woke up long enough to shower the vet with puppy kisses and it was back to puppy dream land.

The vet couldn't get over how well socialized she was and how laid back she was! Maggie is so funny and so smart, she's already picking up on the potty training and it is going great, she's also has learned to sit and allow me to put her leash on before taking her outside to potty and when we come back up on the deck, she sits on the rug and allows me to unleash her and she's off and running.  She sleeps in her crate at night, she grabs her animal cookie and we help her into her crate for the night, we get up once to take her out or she barks and we get up and she goes to potty and then back to sleep for the night.  Maggie has been such a blessing to our family and the perfect fit for us. 

Pam and Dusty are a true blessing to us, they have answered every question we have had and they sent us plenty of pictures during our wait to bring Maggie home, Pam is just a book of knowledge and the love that they give to these fur babies is very obvious.  If you're thinking about adopting one of their babies, you will not be sorry, just do it!  You will not be disappointed with your little fur baby or with Pam and Dusty!!!   By the way,  I've talked with Pam some, since we got our little Maggie and she's still as nice as the first day I spoke with her.  She's not one of these breeders who is nice just long enough to get the money and kick you and your puppy to the curb, she is as genuine as the first day and is very willing to be apart of your lives and your fur babies.

 Carolyn and David  with Maggie (Aussiedoodle)


From the moment I decided to get an aussiedoodle until we picked Edgar up from the house Pam was with us every step of the way. Through every process she was kind and through. She answered all of our questions, no matter how silly, promptly and with love. If I had to go through the adoption phase with a breeder again I would without a doubt choose doodlesgalore. It's been a pleasure! Thank you so much Pam and Dusty for you kindness and caring for our baby while he grew up. He's a pivotal role in our lives and we wouldn't be complete without him! 

The Evers with Edgar  (Aussiedoodle)


We just picked our GD furbaby, Maggie up yesterday on her 8 week birthday. She is the #10 puppy picture from Nugget and Tux liter of 10 born 6/28/15. We have been pet-less for over a year mourning the loss of our beloved daushund. Pam has been very informative and helpful to us as we waited for this liter to be conceived, birthed, and weaned. We have communicated often and she has answered my million questions with patience and knowledge. Our puppy is heathy, happy and beautiful! It is obvious that she has been socialized and is already fitting perfectly into our family. Our vet saw her today and was very complimentary about the care she has been given up to this point. We are so thankful that Pam and Dusty put so much obvious TLC into these puppies.

Pamela with Maggie(Goldendoodle)


 We purchased a female Aussiedoodle from Doodlesgalore in November 2013.   It has been a wonderful experience for our family. Emma(aka Rebel) was just as promised and a very sweet puppy. I would highly recommend them and feel very good about our puppy!  Everywhere we go with her we are asked what type of breed she is and where we got her.It has been fun to have a dog that no one else has seen or has.

Jennie with Emma (Aussiedoodle)


We lost one of our beloved dogs "Maxx" about 6 months ago and were beginning the search for a new family member. My wife grew up with a pack of Australian Shepherds and my daughter was especially intrigued with Labradoodles that several of her friends had.Imagine her shock when searching the internet she discovered the best of both worlds.I had never heard of an Aussiedoodle. After many e-mails and phone conversations we are now the parents of 12 week old Theo. We have discovered that apparently no one has heard of Aussiedoodles as well.Theo was a first for his Vet. He is an absolute joy!He is extremely smart,fearless,VERY energetic,and feels like a huge silk fluffball.He loves people and is never more than two feet away from anyone.We learned very quickly that his fur will sluff off mud,rain,snow and dirt in under an hour. It is truly amazing! Pam and Dusty have been wonderful throughout the entire adoption and integration.She keeps in touch regularly,to check in on her kids,along with offering any tips and advice needed.I will be sending her birthday pictures so that she can brag about her little ones.This entire experience has been awesome!

 Diane and Steve with Theo (Aussiedoodle)


Hi Pam, Our first day with Pistol has been amazing. He didn't get sick on the way home but sat between the girls and was very well behaved.He and our cat have met and that went smoothly.This afternoon he had no choice but to jump into our busy lifestyle and go to the indoor pool while the girls swam and I taught Zumba. He was such a gentleman and greeted people yet stayed where told. Oh and he is doing excellent on a leash! We take him outside to potty and with the command "go potty" he does!He's not had one accident in the house.He LOVES to roll in the leaves. Upon coming back in the house he wants in my lap or lays at our feet. He's such an amazing little guy.He has settled right into our lives and us into his.Thank you so much for giving him such a loving foundation.We are beyond blessed!   Please feel free to contact us or come by and visit us. Machelle with Pistol (Aussiedoodle)============

Pam & Dusty, What can we say? Coco has been a wonderful new addition to our family!  After talking with several other breeders before meeting you, and feeling like we were being treated like another transaction.  We are so thankful for our little Coco.  We were so impressed and happy when we discovered Doodlesgalore through a mutual friend of ours.We never expected the level of care, concern, and love that you put into raising your puppies.Having a puppy from Doodlesgalore has been such a great experience for us, but not just from deposit to pickup. The continued follow-up, emails, and photos are a true testament to the effort you place in the breed.  We sincerely appreciate everything you have done to make adopting a puppy such a smooth and rewarding experience. She was well worth the 10 hour drive! The time and attention you have devoted to our little Coco really shines through in her calm playful disposition, beautiful coat, and eyes. Coco has been great with our two children, they love her to pieces. Without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend anyone looking for a Goldendoodle to check out Doodlesgalore.Pam & Dusty are a pleasure to meet and work with. Thank you!Todd & Family  with Coco  (Goldendoodle)


Pam, Harper is great. She has been to the groomer, the vet, and her first obedience class. All were great experiences. She can already sit, look, come, and give kisses. She is such a wonderful addition to our family. I have taken her on two mini field trips with 1-2 students to Maggie's and to the Calvert Country Club.  Both were positive experiences for the kids and Harper.              Everyone stops to ask me what kind of dog she is and comments how pretty she is,but my favorite comment is "she's the most laid back puppy I've ever seen". Thank you so much for sharing her with us. I would recommend anyone to consider your pups. You went above and beyond the call of duty from letting me visit multiple times to the goody bag you sent home. I think she is so easy to love because you gave her such a wonderful beginning.  Ashley with Harper   (Goldendoodle)

================================================================ For anyone considering...Don't hesitate. Sweet, beautiful, intelligent, loyal and faithful companion is their personalities. We have Pistol from Tux and Camo's litter. He's an outstanding boy! 

Machelle (Aussiedoodle)


Pam & Dusty, Niko & Jax are amazing!   (aussiedoodles pups from Camo & Tux’s litter B)  Our 14-hour trip from Virginia Beach to meet you and your husband was more than we could ever hoped for.  You and Dusty welcomed our family into your home helped prepare us for our long trip home with our two new additions to the family, Niko & Jax. It has only been just a over one week since we have brought the boys to their new home and already they have made a huge impression on everyone.   It’s been a long time since we’ve had little guys in our house since our mastiff Thor passed away a few months ago.  Even our Great Dane Zen is excited to see the puppies.   You really have done an incredible job with them and we are truly grateful for everything.   My wife and I know that your furkids mean the world to you and it shows.    Our house is warm again.  Sometimes it gets crazy and sometimes even a little nuts but we love every bit of it.  The boys have brightened our lives thanks to you.  They are so smart. A big “thank you” for all the ongoing advice and suggestions, it really helps knowing we can count on you!

 Kirk & Tracy and Mike with Niko and Jax (Aussiedoodles)        ================================================================

Tux jr. (10 mos old)is doing great!!! He probably weighs almost 50 lbs! He is as tall as my german shepherd now. He's my favorite dog I've ever had! My german shepherd lives to work & I'm a pretty firm believer Tux just lives to make my day!! Lol he gets compliments from everyone and I've even had ppl offer money for him but I could never part with him! He has learned everything he needs to know for therapy dog certification just working to better our stay! He can sit, sit pretty (on his hind legs), fetch, lay down, shake, come and stay! Everyone loves him! He loves being brushed, bath time, and blow dryer time!! He just sits and let's me trim his nails also! We travel a lot from my house to my parents to horse shows to school. Makenzie with Tux jr.(Goldendoodle)

===============================================================  You have no idea how much we love our boy! He is super smart and funny and Cuddly. Puppy Perfection! I would never go to another breeder. You have ruined us for all others and we recommend you to everyone when they ask and even when they don't! I feel very lucky that we found you. John is in love with Ziggy. He takes him to the marina so he can work on the pontoon and Ziggy stays right by him off leash. He really is our Dream Dog!                 Jineice&John with Ziggy(Goldendoodle)

====================================================                    Theo is doing great. He is 70 pounds and has matured quite a bit and is very, very loyal. Loves the dog park and will play until he can't even jump back in to the car. Everytime someone new comes in to the park they have to touch him and ask what he is. I have not gone one time without that happening. Diane and I laugh all of the time when the different personalities come out. When he's running hard, he's all Aussie. Herding and outrunning the other dogs. When he's curious he flips in to poodle mode. His head extends up and he goes in to poodle trot. Its hilarious. If we had acreage I'd have 4 or 5 of them. Still all speed and no control when playing, but that is with most guys (humans and dogs). Just recently he has learned that snuggling with his head will get unending ear rubs. He is just a sweet goofball. We laugh out loud when he does it.  Steve with Theo  (Aussiedoodle) ===============================================================

F1 & F1b Aussiedoodles and F1b Parti Goldendoodles