Aussiedoodle Puppies

Preparing For Your Trip Home With Your New Furbaby

(1) Collar and leash (if available)

(2) Carrier or Crate

(3) Plenty of towels and paper towels and wipes

(4) Wet wipes for accidents

(5) Plastic bags for soiled towels and wipes

(6) Potty Pads (to place on floorboard to use)

(7) Bowl for water if driving a long way

(8) Chew Toy(prefer Nylabone) NO RAWHIDE!

I will supply food,blanket(with momma's scent),treats,toys,Health Record,and some information on your baby in a  handy totebag of his/her own to take home with you.

Please do not take puppy out at rest area doggy walks as his immune system does not protect him until after he/she has had his/her 3rd series of vaccinations. It is safer if you put him/her on the ground at a gas station or restaurant grass,or better yet put potty pad in car floor for him/her to use. Your puppy will have age appropriate vaccinations when you pick him/her up. You need to see their vet for further vaccines or they  will not be protected fully from Parvo,Distemper,etc...  

Your puppy when he/she comes home will be able to take the cold better than the heat,so make sure he/she does not get overheated. Please DO NOT leave them in a car unattended. A floor fan(when you get home) blowing but not directly on him/her will help them to sleep better at night. I have one on them now all the time(not blowing directly on them) for the "white" noise. Just place near the crate and it will help him/her to sleep. Your puppy will sleep better in the crate at night if you place it beside your bed in your room and if he/she whimpers just drop your hand along side the cage and tell them you are still there. They generally do okay in a night or two. Be patient with them they are missing everything they have ever known since birth and are scared. A little patience on your part goes a long way towards a happy puppy =) 

Preparing for your trip home with your puppy