Aussiedoodle Puppies

Do's and Don'ts

Don't: EVER feed your puppy(or adult dog) Rawhide of any kind! When working for a vet we did several surgeries where dogs swallowed the rawhide and had intestinal blockage.Rawhide does not break down with body acids but just sits there! 

Don't : Don't EVER give your puppy Trifexis (heartworm & flea preventative). There are arguements about this but I am speaking from experience. Two different puppy buyers gave this to their " Aussiedoodle" puppy on their vets recommendation and it almost killed both of them. Please don't risk it! I have my furkids on Interceptor for heartworm prevention and it also kills Round worms and Hook worms. I use a topical for fleas but only if I see a flea.

Do : I do recommend Nylabones for chewing(not the edible kind) they are made of nylon and do not break off but can be wittled down eventually but last forever! When they eventually get too small replace with a new one so it cannot be swallowed.   

Do : I do recommend Kong toys,not all but most are built to last against puppies sharp teeth and they cannot chunk it off. The black rubber is always tougher and last longer than the red rubber.

Do: Trim your pups nails right after a bath while hair is still wet if trimming them yourself . It makes it much easier to see the nail when the hair is wet. Don't forget the dewclaw if he/she has them(that's like a thumb up higher on the foot). 

Don't : Don't ever get water into puppies ears if you can help it. It's very uncomfortable for them and can cause an ear infection.  

Do: Use a tearless baby shampoo on their face so if you accidently get it into the eyes it will not burn. Also clip hair around anal area to make sure it does not mat and keep him/her from having a bowel movement. 

Do: Give your puppy free access to fresh water ALL day.

Don't: Withhold water thinking it will help with housebreaking! It will only make your puppy obsess about drinking water and will mess up his/her digestive track. Puppies need free access to water all day in order to thrive!

Do: Be patient  when housebreaking and establish a routine with your puppy. It will go much faster if you are repetitive, use the same door to take him/her out to potty and stay out there with them. Sometimes they will go more than once so wait and give them a chance to go all they have to or they will go again "in the house". If you are very attentive to their potty training it will only take a week or two (depending on puppies age) before your puppy is potty trained. Hanging bells on your door handles (low enough for puppy to hit with nose) works great! If your puppy goes to door and you don't see him/her,they can ring the bell to get your attention. ALWAYS praise when he or she rings the bell or goes to door to go out.

Don't: Praise in baby talk or he/she may piddle in the floor from excitement. 

Do : Feed and water out of stainless steel pet bowls . Plastic bowls can cause what the vet calls puppy pimples on their chin. Besides stainless steel can be put in your dishwasher once a week to disinfect =)

Don't : Feed treats made in China! Too many dogs have gotten really ill or died from eating treats made in China. China does not have to follow the same regimine and laws that we do here in USA .

Things that "are" and "are not" safe for your puppy