Aussiedoodle Puppies

The Amazing Things They Do!

Supervising that cut making sure he does it right! LOL

Dallas says, "but Daddy you laughed when I stared at you!"


Dallas does this thing with her eyes. She comes up to you when you are sitting or lying down and will look you right in the eyes. If you just stare back at her she will just get down and walk away,BUT,if you ever laugh at her(because it is funny) then you are in trouble! She will literally get on top of your head and start licking your face,ears,hair,whatever that silly girl can get to. It is " HILARIOUS" ,but don't laugh!!!  


Camo has this funny thing she does when I am giving them treats.
First of all I make them all sit in a semi circle all around me at the
cookie jar when they get a treat.They do not get a treat until their butt hits the floor.
Well Camo has always wanted to be first in line to my right when I give out the treats.
This has always been the case and everyone is fine with her getting hers first.
Well that is no longer good enough for Camo.
She has decided as soon as she gets her cookie
she goes to the end of the line and when Im not paying attention
she gets a second cookie,lol.
Now I have no idea how long she has been doing this
because I never suspected until a few times went by that I thought to myself,
"didn't I already give you one?"
Well since I was not totally sure I would give her another one.
I finally decided to pay attention one day, and sure enough she had figured out how to get an extra treat,lol.
Smarty pants! I still let her get away with it every once in awhile because I figure if
she is smart enough to figure that out she deserves an extra cookie!
Love my Camo girl!!  


Our son and grandson came over last week to put a new metal roof on our house.
Camo decided she needed to supervise the whole job and plopped her butt on the
trailer with all of the supplies and sat there looking up at the roof the whole time
they were working except for when Aaron would make cuts then she would have
to supervise those as well. She also couldn't stand it when I started up the Ranger
to haul supplies to the back of the house.She had to take a nap out back on the Ranger
just so she wouldn't miss a ride if I went anywhere else,lol.
That girl loves to ride! 


The other day I came in from outside and as soon as I got through the door Tux stood up on
his hind legs and wrapped both feet around my waist and laid his head on my chest with the
biggest hug he has ever given,lol. I never did figure out what I did to deserve such a sweet
and heart-felt hug but I will take it anytime!!  


When all the furkids are outside playing they inevitably take off running and chasing each other around the house. Well Miss Nugget has decided she is not going to waist her energy running all the way around the house.She takes off with them but then turns around and stands there waiting for them to come around the other way then takes off after them,lol,it's so funny to watch!   


Tux is a real momma's boy and has to know where I am at,at all times. One day while I was up on our 8 foot step ladder putting stuff in the attic he actually climbed up the ladder behind me. Dusty said "look behind you",lol, and I couldn't believe it! I guess he thought I was trying to get away from him,lol.   


When Tux was young and full of energy I would let him outside to run but on rainy days I would turn on my treadmill and let him run on that for about 20 minutes.Well he learned to love running on the treadmill and learned to just go and stand on it and wait for me to turn it on for him,lol. I kept it in the livingroom so I would be watching tv and he would politely go to the treadmill and stand on it and look at me like "Okay Mom turn it on!"
He is such a character and so smart!   

Nugget our Shopping Diva   

We took Nugget to Tractor Supply and let her pick out a toy for herself.She picked out a canvas duck toy and it was on clearance(good job!) so I got an extra one for the other furkids. We proceeded to shop and she carried her duck and twice she dropped it and expected me to give her the other one I had in my hand. I simply told her "no, pick up yours" and she did twice without any further incident,lol,such an obedient little girl. When we got to the counter I patted the  counter top and told her to put it up there for the cashier and she stood up to the counter and laid it down.He rang it up told her what a good girl she was and then she politely picked it up off of the counter and got back down. She put it down only long enough to play with a little girl in line behind us =) She then politely carried it to the car and was a happy camper. This was actually the first time she had been shopping and she has got it down pat! My little shopping Diva!  

Ding Dong Nugget Calling!  

Dusty always shares the left over cereal milk in his bowl with all of the furkids. Nugget has learned if she gets them out of the way she gets it herself. She knows when he is about finished and she goes to the door and rings the bell to go out.The other furkids go running to the door to be let out also and when I open the door they all go running outside and Nugget politely stands still and then when they are all outside turns around and goes back and sits in front of Dusty and waits for the milk! She is such a problem solver! You can not make this stuff up! LOL 

Tux "The Retriever"   

I keep a  large crate in the livingroom so the puppies can play with their toys without the bigger guys tearing them up. At the end of the day I send Tux in to retrieve them for me so I don't have to crawl on my hands and knees to the back of the crate to get them. He lives to please his momma!

Cedar "Two Step" Queen 

Cedar is a real Mommas girl and ever since she was a puppy she loved to stand up on me and we would dance. Now she grabs me by the waste whenever I come into the room and we do our little dance and a big hug! Now however she has decided she needs to have a toy or a bone in her mouth when we dance. Im thinking of getting her a rose and teaching her to Tango! 

Rosie, Full of Surprises  

When we are in the hot tub every morning Rosey will inevitably find a stick,pinecone, a collar someone has lost, ect.... to bring to us. She just wants us to take it and give it back to her and is not happy until we do. One morning she had a bone that someone had sneaked out of the house and she brought it to me and the rest of the furkids wanted it. She politely handed it over to me to guard it, while she got a drink out of the hot tub and then took it back and pranced away with the other furkids watching, lol. 

Deuce , floating teeth 

Deuce does not play well with the other boys when a female is heat so he has to be crated when the other boys are running around. One day we were watching tv and and he was whining to go outside. Dusty asked him if his teeth were floating and he put his nose on his crate and showed his teeth and we about died laughing. Now whenever he wants to go out and if he is in his crate he will give a little whine and show you his teeth, totally hilarious!

" Raven", Our Quarterback (Goldendoodle)

Raven loves her  football ! Stetson (Standard Poodle)grabs it and hides it any chance he gets when he goes outside, "No football in the house"! He mostly hides it behind a large oak in the yard but sometimes on the far side of our boundary line at the fence. Raven is wise to his antics and "recovers" as soon as he "fumbles" and brings it back to the "goalpost" which in her case is the porch swing,lol.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of DoodlesGalore Furkids!